Ditte Lindbom

A multigenre songwriter & producer

Hi! Im Ditte Lindbom, songwriter, producer and sound geek since ”forever” living in the countryside in Stockholm, Sweden. 

The story behind and why I’ve started the Melytone music project is actually quite short. I just realized I have a head (and computer) full of melodic and catchy songs that might not always fit for artists I work with or other music projects I do. Melytone will be my multi-genre ”for fun” music project. But I also have a vision with the project to build up a song library over time for sync license deals against visual media such as TV shows, movies, ads and trailers!

The music story of my life

If the story about why I created the Melytone project was short – my story, on the other hand, I could tell you a bit more about.

For as long as I can remember I’ve always loved listening to music. I think that was how it all started. Eventually I started playing the violin and folk music when I was 7 years old, followed by both pop and classical music on keys and so it continued. For a long time, the guitar became my favorite instrument. Today, I´ve also become a analogue synth geek! I think as a songwriter and producer I’ve learned over the years to play all the instruments I needed to be able to record my songs. Anyway, after many years of various music educations and finally a degree from the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm, my partner and drummer Fredo and I decided to build our own studio Lövholmen Studio in 2006.

Since then I´ve done both my 10 000 hours (actually a lot moore!😂) as a music producer and so many creative and fun music projects in this studio. In 2015 I felt ready to start releasing my music and started my first record label ”Young Music Sweden”. From the very beginning, my vision with the label was to help and develop independent artists via a customized ”single release concept” that I developed including everything – music, brand coaching and guidance in release strategies and marketing. I still offer this single concept for independent artists within my company Ditte Company. The record company has today developed into Ditte Music Group, which includes four sub-labels.

In addition to my activities in the music industry, I am an entrepreneur and multi-creator. Within my ”multi-industry”  business Ditte Company, I offer education and all kinds of services for artists, musicians, solo entrepreneurs and horse people (because, for as long as I’ve been doing music, I’ve also been active in the horse industry). Even though music, horses and entrepreneurship are my passion and lifestyle, I am a little extra passionate about coaching others. I am therefore in the process of building up my course platform Ditte Academy, which will which will eventually include courses in branding, artistry, the music industry, social media and self-leadership.

The studio

Have a look at my music studio Lövholmen Studio in the countryside in Stockholm!