About Melytone

A multigenre songwriter´s creative music project

Hi and welcome to my creative music project Melytone!

I am Ditte Lindbom, songwriter and producer from Stockholm, Sweden. The story about why I’ve started this project is actually quite short. I’ve realized I have a head (and computer) full of songs that might not always fit for other projects I do. So I just wanted to create a dedicated space where I could write and release music that gives me a good feeling, inspiration and motivation. And do it without boundaries when it comes to genre. A true for-fun project – It’s as simple as that! My story, on the other hand, I could tell you a bit more about.

I think it all started because I’ve always loved listening to music. Eventually I started playing the violin and folk music followed by both pop and classical music on keys and so it continued. Today, the guitar seems to have become my favorite instrument. I think that as a songwriter and producer I’ve learned over time to play all instruments I needed to be able to record. Anyway, after a lot of years of different music educations and finally a graduation from the The Royal Swedish Academy of Music in Stockholm, me and my life partner and drummer Fredo decided to build our own studio.

It’s now over 15 years ago, and through the years since then I’ve done a lot of music projects in this studio. Guess I might have done my ”10 000 hours” then 😉 But I actually didn´t start to release material for real until 2015 when I also started my first label Young Music Sweden. A label with a single-release concept for artists including music and business coaching.

Except for being a music and sound geek I’m also a gear maniac! I love the recording process and digging deep into every detail of a production. Oh yes, I am a perfectionist! And I’ll never stop trying to be a better producer today than I was yesterday. During this year 2021 I’ve also started my own artist project FRIID, a swedish pop music project to be released this year. So that was a little about me! Hope you will enjoy listening to my melodic Melytone music and that it will give you energy, inspiration and just a great feeling!

The studio

Check out our studio located just south of Stockholm. This is where my partner and I work with all kinds of music projects.